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New England Seacoast Portfolio:
a selection of paintings of New Hampshire and Southern Maine.

In this collection of John Burk paintings, the main feature is rock...giant stones that grace the coasts and beaches with form and color.  They are everywhere, on-shore and off-shore.  Add the rugged beauty of a New England landscape and the tough, distinctive architecture of a region that seems to have been settled far longer than anywhere else, accustomed to feet of snow a half-year at a time, and you have subjects to paint everywhere you look.  The character of the land even tends to be in the character of the people.  I know I didn't discover this place.  I only know I love it like countless others have, including heros of mine Winslow Homer, N.C. and Andrew Wyeth and Edward Hopper.  But I believe painters are as unique and individual as New Englanders, so here are my unabashed contributions to the great visual literature of New England.