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Southwest Portfolio:
a selection of paintings of stones as big as houses and old as the hills.

This collection of John Burk paintings comes out of a friend's invitation to Southern Arizona's high desert.  Apache country.  These stones are old, time and weather-worn and in places, inland sea-worn.  They are also desert-varnished and scratched with iconography of people long gone.  Even the Apache, relative newcomers to the area, had no idea who they were.  There are cavalry forts, ruined but easy to make out, and some still in business.  There are ghost towns, dry river beds, long-abandoned mines and rusting ore-crushers in the middle of nowhere.  This is a storied land, and much of the stories are everywhere to be seen.  It is visual magic, very capable of capturing the eye and imagination of a painter who loves the seacoast.  It is a small collection for now.  More will come as I spend more time there.